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Assessments and Evaluations

When a student is struggling in school, the underlying cause is often a problem in the brain's ability to process information through language or visual means. For example, students who have a diagnosis of attention deficit nearly always score in the impaired range on standardized tests of auditory functions such as the ability to understand accented or inarticulate speech, the ability to understand speech in background noise, or the ability to understand one speaker when others are talking simultaneously.


Dr. MacAlpine uses standardized tests and assessments to help identify any sensory processing problem, cognitive delay, or executive function issue that can interfere with a student's ability to succeed in school. Then she creates an intervention plan to address any cognitive or academic problems that she finds. Interventions may include cognitive training and/or tutoring/mentoring.


For gofted students with sensory processing problems, she creates individual academic plans to address their unique needs.


Cognitive Training

Cognitive training, also called cognitive therapy, addressess difficulties with organization, memory, planning, problem solving, and flexible thinking. Using fun activities and games, students learn how to break problems down into smaller parts and solve the parts sequentially, how to use mnemonic (memory) strategies to recall short-term facts, develop higher level language comprehension skills, and understand mathematical concepts


Cognitive therapy has been found to raise intelligence, enhance memory and learning skills, and produce higher level academic performance.



Tutoring is available for a wide variety of subjects for grades 1-college. Younger students are seen for half an hour two to three times a week and older students are seen twice a week for an hour.


College Mentoring

This program provides both academic and emotional support for college students with sensory processing disorders. Support includes weekly visits either in person or through Skype/Facetime, monitoring classes and assignments to make sure that students understand and turn in assignments on time, and tutoring throughout the semester.


Umbrella Home School

If your child is gifted or has significant academic delays, the umbrella homeschool option might work for you. In this option Dr. MacAlpine creates an academic plan that the parent can implement, or we can provide tutoring for any or all subjects. This is our most flexible plan, so call today to discuss your needs.

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