Brain Training Associates, Inc.

Cognitive Neuroscience

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Assessments may be covered by your insurance, depending upon your coverage and the student's diagnosis, but academic tutoring will not covered by any insurance. Cognitive therapy may be covered if the student has a medical diagnosis of brain injury or neurological disorder. Determining coverage and filing for insurance reimbursement is the responsibility of the parent. Session charges are due the day the student is seen.


COSTS: All sessions, whether assessments or training or consultations, are charged at the base rate set by the AMA, currently $140 per hour.


LENGTH OF SESSIONS: Sessions are typically 30 minutes for young students in grades K-2 and 1 hour for students in grades 3-college.


DISCOUNTS: Umbrella home school and college mentoring costs can qualify for a discount if the student is seen 5 or more hours per week.


PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Payment can be made by cash, check, debit or credit card, or medical savings card (if the student has a current diagnosis).