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The value of good education cannot be underestimated.

Today more than ever, education is critical for success. Employers are demanding workers who can communicate clearly (both verbally and in writing) and who understand math and technology, but for students who have learning differences, autism, attention deficit or sensory processing problems, becoming skilled in these areas can be very difficult without help from someone who understands how these issues affect the brain and learning. This is where Dr. MacAlpine can help.

Dr. Michelle MacAlpine is a cognitive neuroscientist with over 20 years' experience helping students with autism, sensory processing problems, learning differences, attention deficit, and other neurological or genetic problems succeed.

Dr. MacAlpine provides one-on-one cognitive training to boost cognitive skills like memory, attention, problem solving and language comprehension, as well as tutoring to advance reading, writing and mathematical skills. We also provide more comprehensive options like our umbrella homeschool program and college mentoring.

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Dr. Michelle MacAlpine

Dr. Michelle MacAlpine

Dr. MacAlpine is a cognitive neuroscientist with over 20 years experience educating students with autism, sensory processing problems, genetic errors, or attention deficit.

Brain Training: New Hope for Children with Delayed Development

This book by Dr. MacAlpine covers the stages of play, language, and social development and how to promote development at every stage.

Sensory Processing Disorders

In this book Dr. MacAlpine explains the science behind sensory processing disorders, how they develop in infancy and how to identify and treat them, as well as how learning and behavior are affected by sensory processing.