Brain Training

Cognitive Neuroscience

2301 Ohio Drive Suite 235, Plano, TX 75093, 972-964-8510

We help students with sensory problems, autism, ADD or learning differences succeed in school

Help for students in elementary through college


We first test to see if there is any underlying sensory or cognitive issue and then determine gaps in academic skills.

Cognitive training

Individualized cognitive training is designed to teach problem solving and organizational strategies, memory techniques, and flexible thinking.

Umbrella home school

Our umbrella home school program for grades 3-12 allows parents to customize their child's education and maximize success.

Memory training

Students learn mnemonic techniques for recalling facts, formulas, names and dates.

Math Skills

Students who struggle in math often missed critical mathematical concepts, and we address these gaps.


Students learn to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and ArcMap to visualize information and find solutions to problems.


Helping students understand and remember what they read.


Understanding critical concepts related to quantities, symbols and procedures.


Learning how to use technology to visualize information and solver problems.


Memory techniques for remembering facts, dates, names, and more.

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