Individuals who have difficulty understanding speech, sustaining attention, controlling their emotions, or learning, often have an underlying sensory processing disorder. Brain Training specializes in improving attention, memory, social skills, reasoning ability and academic skills in children and adults with sensory processing problems.

Michelle MacAlpine is a Ph.D. cognitive neuroscientist and respected clinician, teacher and author with nearly two decades of experience helping individuals with sensory processing disorders develop higher cognitive, social, and academic skills and become successful..

“We help individuals with sensory, learning, or attention problems achieve success at school, work and home.”

Academic Difficulties

We help students who are struggling in school due to sensory processing problems or academic delays. Click below to see how we can help.

Sensory Disorders

Auditory, visual and vestibular processing problems can interfere with learing and development. Click below to learn more .

Social Awkwardness

Children with sensory processing problems have difficulty developing adequate social skills. Click below to see our therapy and social programs..

Attention Deficit

Auditory, visual or vestibular disorders can lead to attention problems. Learn how we can identify and treat these underlying causes of ADD..

“Recent advances in neuroscience have helped us unlock the mysteries of how brains learn and have allowed us to develop powerful new strategies for helping children gain higher level cognitive, academic and social skills.”


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Assessment or Intervention: $140 per hour